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Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service of website usage for:

                                                                        CAREFULLY READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE BOOKING.


MAXIMUM ATTENDANCE- For safety and enjoyment reasons, my maximum attendance numbers are as follows:  One and Two hour packages - 45 children.

I do not include parents, toddlers or babes in arms in the attendance numbers.

ENTERTAINER ARRIVAL TIME- For live children’s parties, Monty will arrive 60 minutes prior to your party start time and will take 15 minutes to break down after the party has finished.

If your party is upstairs, please add an additional 15 minutes for setting-up and breaking down.

FOOD BREAK AND BIRTHDAY CAKE- If your party is for 2 hours, Monty will stop halfway through the party to allow the children a 20 minute food break and to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child before the start of the games section.

CONSOLATION SWEETS AND FOOD ALLERGIES- I do supply consolation sweets within my children's parties. Should you or your guests have any food allergies or are unable to eat certain ingredients due to religious reasons, please notify me as soon as possible.

PARTY ESSENTIALS- Please be aware that I do not supply any of the following party items or services within my children's parties and it is therefore the responsibility of the party host to provide where required: • Party venue • Food • Decoration • Party-ware (plates, cups etc.) • Party bags

CANCELLING YOUR PARTY- If you need to cancel your party for any reason, please contact me as soon as possible. There is no cancellation fee and hopefully an alternative date can be arranged.

SNOW, FLOODING AND HAZARDOUS WEATHER- Attending every one of my customer's parties regardless of the weather conditions is my highest priority. However, in the event of heavy snow, flooding or any other hazardous weather condition, I need to balance this out with my safety. If on the day of your party i believe the weather conditions in your area pose a potential risk to life, or if I cannot physically reach your party venue due to heavy snow, flooding or other hazardous weather conditions, regrettably, I may have no other option but to cancel your party. Please be assured that this decision will not be taken lightly and I will endeavour to explore every practical option available, before doing so.

If I reluctantly have to cancel your party, you will be offered a full refund of any fee already paid.

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