Corporate Magician – Why Hire One?

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Corporate Magician – Why Hire One?

Talking about corporate entertainment, there are lots of ways a corporate entertainer can improve your business significantly. They can boost your business by marketing your products or services, creating brand awareness and entertaining the key decision makers that are relevant to your business, attracting potential customers to your trade show booth, encouraging sales men, as well as involving your employees, clients or prospects emotionally.

Most of the time, a corporate entertainer is either performing a stage or close up magic. Close up magic, also known as strolling magic is performed while the magician walks. Stage magic on the other hand is performed on stage if front of the audience.

Here are a couple of occasions where a corporate magician can bring significant results.

Trade Shows

Corporate magicians can greatly help in attracting the crowd to your products in a trade show. Corporate magicians can perform custom presentations or magic to make your message clear to people who may eventually turn out to be a loyal customer. As soon as the magician is done with his work, the sales men take over from there.

Holiday Parties

A company’s party can be either casual or formal. In both cases, a corporate magician may be hired to either perform a close up magic during the cocktail hour or a stage magic in the evening.

Sales Meetings

You can be creative to hire a magician during a sales meeting. New products/ services will be introduced by the sales managers or new product specifications will be highlighted by the engineering/technical department. An ingenious way to reinforce the message is by having a magic presentation.

Special Events

These kinds of events include grand openings, awards banquets and so on. Hiring a corporate magician in such events will create a memorable experience for your customers or prospects.

It is very important when choosing a corporate entertainer that will represent your company or business to find one that has:

  1. Background in business: Look for an entertainer that has necessary experience to come up with amazing presentations that will captivate your customers or prospects.
  2. Level of skill: Make sure your entertainer is skilled enough to do the job properly. It is advisable to hire someone that has been in the game for a long time.
  3. Level of education: A corporate magician should be educated and intelligent enough to interact well with educated customers or prospects.

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