Weird things you can do with balloons

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Weird things you can do with balloons

Balloons are very straight forward to work with. They come in different kinds of patterns and colours. You just buy them, pump air into them, tie them with a string and enjoy them for a couple of hours until the helium leaks out of them. When you are busy planning a party, you always want every detail to count. There are tonnes of weird but creative things you can do with balloons. Following are fifteen amazing ways you can put these frivolous and fun decorations to real-world.

Using a balloon as a hat mould

To maintain the beautiful shape of your newly washed cloth hat or knitted beanie, just place it over an inflated balloon when it is dry. You can make use of a piece of duct or masking tape to hold the balloon into place.

Make a party invitation with balloons

You can be a little bit creative by making use balloons to make party invitations. Blow air into a balloon, hold the end but do no tie it into a knot yet. Write your invitation message on the balloon using a permanent marker and ensure the ink dries up before you deflate it. Place the balloons into an envelope and send it by mail to your guest. Your guest will have to open it and inflate the balloons to see the message.

Drive off unwanted visitors

If you have some old deflated shiny balloons lying around your house probably those from previous parties. Cut them into thin vertical strips and attach them to your garden stakes to fright off invading pests like birds, possums or rabbits.

Transportation of cut flowers

Do not worry yourself about plastic bags filled with water used for transporting cut flowers. A simple thing to do is just to fill them up with approximately half cup of water and secure the stems of the flowers into the balloon. Use a rubber band to wrap around the mouth of the balloon several times to prevent it from slipping off.

Keep your bandaged finger dry

It is very easy to bandage a minor wound on your finger, but it is not easy to keep the bandage dry as you move on with your life taking care about your day to day activities.  A little trick to avoid changing wet bandages often is to protect your finger by slipping a small size balloon over your bandaged finger when washing plates, bathing or when you are doing anything that involves water.

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